For sale out of hobby sale in new jersey, XR30 pro, nyos 120 and etc

$75.00 to $250.00
This item has been sold and is no longer available!
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All items are working perfectly. Had a new baby during pandemic, change of work and moving, took the tank down in spring 2020. Always thought that I would put them back together but never happened. All items are cleaned and ready for shipping. I know the price are seemed unreasonably low, I will be moving again and really didn't want to carry them around one more time.

Tunze 3155, $75+shipping
xp30 pro+rms, never run above 35%, 10 hour cycle, $250+shipping
nyos 120 skimmer, $100+shipping
mp40qr, $150+shipping
I can also throw in the reeflink if you are taking the MP40 or XP30 pro, first come first serve.
located in 08540, local trade is welcome.

Pm or txt , no call pls.

All sold thanks everyone

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