Pacific Sun Kore 5th, Giesemann Spectra 48, ReefBreeders Photon V2 for sale

Discussion in '3 Rivers Marine Aquarium Society' started by re76, Jan 29, 2018.

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    Already posted this in the main sale forum, but figured I would put it in here too. Would be willing to take 10% off asking price for any local 3RMAS members!

    Looking to make a few changes to my display tank, and get some funding for a new frag tank I am working on.

    For sale I have:
    • Reef Breeders Photon 50-V2 - asking $460
      • Includes all hanging and mounting hardware
      • Power Supply and Remote
    • Giesemann Spectra 48 Set Up - asking $920
      • 2x Giesemann Megachrome 17.5k bulbs installed 7/17
      • 2x ATI Blue plus installed 7/17
      • 2x ATI True Actinic installed 7/17
      • 2x Luxcore 400W Selectable ballasts
      • Hanging hardware
      • There is a scuff/scratch on one edge of the light, see the pictures below
    • Kore 5th Ultimate Doser - asking $410
      • AWC pump set
      • DropDose dispenser
      • Complete stand (top and bottle holder)
      • ATO sensors and pump

    Originally the Photon 50-V2 was over my display tank, but then it was later replaced by the Spectra 48, which has been phenomenal for growth and color. Everything has been great until my fiancee started looking into our electric bill, which has gone up about 20-30 dollars since I started running the MH fixture. She has asked that I switch back to something cheaper.

    My original plan was to throw the Photon 50-V2 back onto the tank, but after getting an AI Prime HD for my quarantine tank I have been spoiled by the controllability and want to get something that has a nice UI for control like a Kessil/AI/Ecotech brand light.

    The doser was bought while I was running Aquaforest, but I eventually got tired of all the extra dosing you had to do with AF and never set up the doser, so it has been just sitting in a cabinet. I bought it second hand myself, but it appears to be in perfect working order.

    Pictures of everything can be found in this album:

    I am open to trades if you have LED lights that you would be willing to trade. PM me if you want to try to work something out.

    Also, depending on if/when the lights sell I might have to delay the sale a bit, so that I can make sure I have something to keep over my DT.

    Expectations and Assumptions:
    • I am willing to ship, but I expect the buyer to pay for half of the shipping cost (with insurance). Open to negotiation on this, if you feel it is unreasonable.
    • I expect the buyer to use Paypal "goods and services", I have already accounted for the fee in my prices.
    Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

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  2. re76

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    Jul 5, 2016
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    Pittsburgh PA
    Only thing left is the Kore 5th Ultimate doser. I would let it go for $250 to a local buyer.
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