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*PIC HEAVY* high end zoa packs, bounce shroom, etc

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Apr 19, 2021
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Los Angeles
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Located in Long Beach, CA. No shipping atm. Pics on iphone under Nicrew light.

Zoa packs: All numbered rows are for sale (left to right, or right to left) All zoas are named left to right for each corresponding row.

  1. $85 WWC Wild Flower triple, Scrambled Eggs double, Rainbow Incinerator, JF Frankies Acid Trips triple, Speckled Krakatoa.
  2. SOLD
  3. $110 Utter Chaos big polyp, WWC Wild Flower double, Jedi Mind Trick double, Speckled Krakatoa double, JF Frankies Acid Trips double, Rainbow Incinerator.
  4. $90 Scrambled Eggs, Jedi Mind Trick big polyp, Speckled Krakatoa, White Zombie, JF Frankies Acid Trips big polyp, Rainbow Incinerator.
  5. $85 Scrambled Eggs Double, Utter Chaos big polyp, Grim Reaper, Blue Rhino, Jedi Mind Tricks Triple.
  6. SOLD
  7. $100 Rainbow Incinerator big polyp, White Zombie big polyp, Utter Chaos big polyp, Jedi Mind Trick double, Beauty and the Beast, JF Frankies Acid Trip.
  8. $100 Beauty and the Beast double, Jedi Mindtrick double, Frankies Acid Trips triple, WWC Wild Flower big polyp, Speckled Krakatoa, Rainbow Incinerator.
The rest of my corals are marked with price and name. All grown in my 25g frag tank. Feel free to ask any questions, thank you.

BE64ECB1-1BAC-4D40-A5D3-49EF29B6341C.jpeg F79E74E3-D6D2-4048-A9DB-F0AC9BD3F181.jpeg 2949CB37-3C97-4F6C-A9BB-9091DDAD1FDB.jpeg 1588847C-8E5F-496D-BFB7-9AA8109A0A25.jpeg B3436F41-EBDB-43F2-9F2F-CCE8DD189821.jpeg EAA100EF-0000-4113-B3D8-B2F77D15C088.jpeg
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  • Aesthetic Appeal

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