Placement of Mp40 in 50G Tank



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May 11, 2020
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Guys am looking for some suggestion regarding setting 2 of my Mp40s to a tank 90x60x60. I know its over kill but shifted from 2 Gyres to these mp40 because i had gyre blowing my corals, and these mp40s are for my Upcoming tank 150G . But thought would use them here in this small tank at low speed.

This tank has 2 separate island 5inch space from back wall and around 9inch from front wall, Its like a stacking escape, Big one then small and then smaller.

I have my sand blowing at 30% on each side at left and right wall, but i am thinking to hide them from back just not sure how i would do it.

Just need to know the right placement for them.


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Aug 22, 2013
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Los Angeles
Overkill for a 36x20x20 at 30% , Sand is size 2 i guess. How did you place them ? If you could share ?

I'll take pic when i get a chance. 2 at each side of panels facing each other top about maybe 6 inch under water. Front is running at 60-70%, and back is running at 40%. You don't want the flow to be blasted on SPS, which I have.
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