Plumbing a Sump for Herbie and Bean Animal Returns and a Clarisea Filter


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Jan 6, 2019
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Planning to have several tanks sharing a single sump (1 100G, 1-30 and 1-25). The 100G has a three pipe Bean Animal overflow box, and the two nano tanks use two hole "Herbie" style overflows. The 100G won't be plumbed into the sump immediately, just the 30 and 25G. I suppose I could just add another recirculating pump in the first return chamber to route the flow through the clarisea, or use a manifold to combine the two returns. When I add the 100G, I plan to run the primary drain directly into the Clarisea, and all others to the return chamber.

Any thoughts on how to approach this challenge by seasoned reefers would be much appreciated. I'm open to using another sump if necessary, but not enthusiastic about it.

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