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POLL: Legendary Corals Windbreakers???


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Legendary Corals

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Dec 25, 2013
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San Jose/Bay Area, CA
Hey there reefers,

Just wanted to put a feeler post out there and see if any reefers would be interested in purchasing LC windbreakers? This project has been on our minds for the last few years. We wanted to make something nicer than just t-shirts that still shows your coral swag.

We're just a little unsure on the interest for these jackets along with how many of each size to order.

The jackets can be made in 3 colors: black, maroon, and navy. All three jackets will still have the same brass buttons, just different base color.

Here is a mock up of what they will look like, be sure to voice your opinions and tell us what size and color you're thinking of in the comments!

If there's enough interest and votes, we'll move forward with these and can start pre-sales.

Pre-Sale Prices will be $40, afterwards they will be $50.

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