For sale Pom Pom Macro Algae + Chaeto

$25.00 to $45.00
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Shipping Available
New harvest for Pom Pom macro algae and chaeto. Local pick up preferred. Shipping will be usps small flat rate box. Prices listed include shipping if picking up deduct $9. Refugium is spowered by a Kessil H380 on for 10 hours a day.

Package 1: Golf ball sized Pom Pom macro-algae + handful of chaeto. ($25 Shipped)

Package 2: Tennis ball sized Pom Pom macro-algae + remaining space filled with chaeto. ($45 shipped)

Please keep in mind that macro-algae may contain unwanted “pests” (which may include flatworms). I have multiple wrasses so it is unlikely that you will encounter anything besides pods and bristle worms in your packages. However I will do my best to provide pest free packages. Any other questions feel free to PM me.


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