Post of the Day... Do I have Aiptasia?


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Apr 29, 2021
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Los Angeles
Hey all,

I noticed what seems to be aiptasia a month or so ago in my sump / fuge. After doing some reading it sounds like most people don't really consider them to be an issue there. But with today's question of the day, I wanted to confirm and put it the general question out there.

1) Confirm this Aiptasia?
2) Should I care?
3) If so - recommendations for the sump? Peppermint Shrimp would be my first choice based on what I've read.

This is in my 30 gal sump for my 120 FOWLER tank. I have not seen any in the DT, just the sump. I think they hichhiked with the macro I got from a LFS.

Thanks everyone!


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