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Post up Pictures of your Favorite Colony!


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Feb 14, 2019
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Radioactive nucs for the win!
Always liked ' nuglear greens'. I managed to get ahold of an uber rare polyp of Frost / Fukishima greens which are similiar to nukes but even brighter, larger, and faster growing. Try to find some if you like classic nukes.


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Sep 4, 2019
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I've seen numerous threads were individuals post of pictures of their favorite single polyp or their most expensive single polyp, and I've contributed to a number of those as well. And of course we always have the "Eye Candy" thread, but I also really enjoy the look of a tank with large zoa colonies grown out. I currently have several in my tank that are spreading out quite nicely with dozens of polyps; Copper Rings, Tubb's Blue, a mixed colony of Pink Panthers and Mint Chocolate Chip, and a paly colony. I'll post up some pictures here in a bit, but in the mean time, lets see your pictures of your favorite colony or colonies (must be over two dozen polyps in the picture).

Lets try to stick to grown in colony shots with 2 dozen or so polyps, NO frag plugs, frag discs, or egg crate showing PLEASE. Plug shots can go in the eye candy thread (here: https://www.reef2reef.com/forums/zoa-discussion-club-zoa/11-eye-candy-zoas-palys.html), lets try and keep this one to the grown in colony look. Also, please avoid references to trading or selling in the thread. Thanks all, now lets see some colonies!
My Zoa colony growing like crazy in my 90 gallon

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