POTO's A-MAY-ZING Frag Sale on R2R Friday May 20th 5pm - 9pm EST!

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Apr 29, 2021
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Cherry Hill, NJ
dang I'm so sorry we missed you in a big way. We didn't know you were coming in. Next time please call the store and ask for Will or Kenny. Or you can email us first as that is more frequently monitored than the forum. Please do let us know when you do drop in again because we really want to give you something.

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Will do!!
Maybe I can drag @Utubereefer out next time!
I did email Jessica and let her know I was going to be there to pick up my order.
No biggie! I'll be back!


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Apr 11, 2018
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Apparently your message fell on deaf ears... LOL
No free frag, no tour, no shirts, nothin! I'm sadful! :(
Hi! sorry you know what's funny I told everyone to keep an eye out for a girl with rainbow hair!
i believe your hair was tied in a bun that day and they didn't realize our VIP has arrived.
please call the store next and ask for William ill make sure to make it right next time you come =D

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