Precautionary things to do after fish death?


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Dec 15, 2020
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I bought a dwarf lionfish yesterday, seemed to be doing really well until I put it in the tank. I did a 2h drip acclimation (a fast drip after 30min to ensure decent water temp and make my water change faster).
The lionfish went straight behind a rock where my purple urchin started heading as soon as I put him there.... 12h later I couldn’t find the fish but the urchin was still at the spot which I find weird because he’s always moving around. 8 hours later I spent a good hour trying to find the lionfish and noticed that it’s been devoured by my emerald crab and urchin. I took the rest of the lionfish out but there wasn’t much meat left. I didn’t know urchins could be this crazy.... I assume the lionfish was just super spooked and didn’t really move much when the urchin slowly went on him. He was swimming normally to my knowledge in the acclimation bucket... swimming slowly but moving a lot more than my small foxface I got at the same time (foxface is 100%

i know I should quarantine & I just bought a quarantine tank today...

what should I do now? Any tips would be appreciated. I just tested ammonia and it’s at 0 but I feel like it might have not started decomposing yet.

you can see the fish’s head between the rock and the urchin. Sad day.

another question : should I trade in the purple urchin for a tuxedo?

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Jan 3, 2021
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Man, that's a bad day! Siphon the area to make sure you get all the remains out and do another water change. I would guess he was sick when you got him and the crabs/urchin just took an opportunity. Keep a close eye on the other fish!

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