Pricing 75g tear down


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Mar 27, 2018
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So we've recently made the move to a 180G tank and now we need to get rid of the old stuff. But I have no idea how to price it. All of this stuff is probably a year old but some (like the HOB filter) has been used less than that.

75G drilled (corner overflow) tank
Stand - planning on sanding the bottom of the inside and doing a coat of Killz but if someone wants as is thats cool
IceCap24 sump
Sicca 4.0 Quiet return pump
Redsea screen tops - did them myself so they arent perfect but they work.
200W heater
Tidal 110 HOB filter
Some various other equipment cant be thrown in.

Obviously I'd prefer to sell the whole thing locally but I'd be willing to sell some of the smaller stuff separately.
Mega Meltdown After Sale

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