For sale Pumps Filters Reef Octopus AI Clearisea Hanna Fish trap and more

Selling off some stuff from my garage.
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4 x Clarisea Gen2 Filter for Sk5000XL $25 shipped for each for $80 shipped for all 4.
2 x Reef Octo Pulse 4 $220 shipped each
2 x Reef Octo Varios 4 Return Pump $265each shipped
1 x Hanna Alk Reagent Expired on 6/2021 but should still work. Free for anyone that purchases something from this list.
1 x Reef octopus Bio Churn 90hob-ext $100 shipped
2 x Lifeguard filter pad 30in x 36” $20 shipped for both
1 x Film tech 100gpd ro filter $35 shipped
1 x Hanna 736 phosphate reagent $10 shipped
2 x Icecap Seaweed clip $12 each shipped
1 x Seneye slides (3 pack) $20 shipped
1 x Marine Pure bio block $35 shipped
1 x Marine Pure bio sphere $25 shipped
1 x XP Aqua RO FLood Guardian $40 shipped
1 x XP Aqua Duetto ATO $80 shipped

1 x Hanna Alk free with the purchase of something if needed
1 x Seneye Reef New but opened. $130 shipped
1 x Large Icecap Fish Trap $25 shipped (small crack on one of the ear tabs but still work can send apicture of unit assembled)
1 x Hanna Calcium Checker $30 shipped
1 x AI Prime 16 HD in white $150 shipped
1 x AI Hydra 52/64/32/26 Tank Mount $50 shipped
1 x Hanna Nitrate Low Range $20 shipped
1 x HM PH tester New just opened to check it out $10 shipped
1 x Nyos Magnesium $10 shipped. Still new
1 x Salifert Iodine still new $10 shipped

For Parts
Icecap k1 Nano Skimmer parts. $35 shipped.
Eheim Gravel Cleaner. For parts $20 shipped
Hanna Salinity Tester. Comes on but turns right off. $20 shipped


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  • No. Thankfully, I haven't.

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