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Dec 15, 2020
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A little background on my tank

Tanks always been high nitrates and over the past year its gone slowly from 10ppm to 100.

Phosphates were always around 1 but after using gfo that's now down to 0.1

So I recently replaced the return pump and when I put the new faster and larger pump on lots of decaying old food was blasted out. Must have been in the pipework.
So I assume that's where the problem was and why it was rising, also added a new skimmer as old one was getting less productive.

So nitrates still high I started to dose quantum nitrate remover, I imagine it's the same as nopox. I followed the instructions and probably 12 hours after first dose my waters cloudy. Not to the point I can't see through the water just to the point I could notice it. Second dose tonight and it's gone more cloudy. I can see it coming out of my drain and getting sucked into the skimmer which is good I've have a lot of surface movement and fish look fine.

Could it just be it binding to the nitrate. Should I reduce the amount I put in. Currently 6ml to every 100ltrs as directed if the tank has higher than 60ppm Nitrates.

I've set the skimmer to really wet as I want it to pull as much out as possible. Should I do a water change now or wait 3 more days for my normal schedule.

Appreciate any thoughts or suggestions

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