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Oct 21, 2020
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Hey all,

So I have gotten right into the Hobby and loving it. However like everyone I listened to some and not others and now I am regretting my decision.

So I have a 150gal reef tank, which I have had running for about 5 months and the tank is finally stable awesome and algae free.

I have two clowns , Pink Square Anthias, and a blue ribbon eel.

Now everyone is healthy and all seems well, I have now decided I want to QT all fish before they go into the main DT tank, is it stupid to do this now as the DT could already be infected or would I know if it was by now ?

I purchased a 90L aqua one mini reef for my QT tank.

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Nov 24, 2020
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Avon, NC
Of course you will never know if the DT is infected until it's obvious, but at this point you may want to assume the tank is safe and begin the QT process for any future purchases.

Another course of action, if you don't have coral or invertebrates in the DT, would be to dose Copper Safe in the DT. You would need to remove the live rock, and sand if it's calcium based. If any crypto tomonts are present in the DT, they would likely be on the rock and sand you remove, so you would need to keep them in a fallow environment for 45 days before returning them to the DT.

Then you could use the QT% for new purchases going forward.

By the way, is the cabinet around the DT a DIY? It looks really good.
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