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Treasure Coast

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Feb 27, 2016
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Treasure Coast FL.
Trustworthy seller, fish are big and fat. Water was 1.25 gravity so extremely easy to acclimate. Answered all questions quickly. UPS messed up and turned the overnight shipment into 2 days. I was worried and contacted the seller. He immediately reassured me any financial loss would be on them, he did this without me asking, thought that was great. Fish arrived still alive! Huge Golden puffer was feisty in the bag and ready to eat. he did immediately. The Parrot fish was a little slow to act normally, but doing great now. Quoyi's can be freaky until they settle in, which he has. I would rate my experience, 10 out of 10 with the company. Both fish are bigger than advertised and FAT. Just need to list more fish, it's nice getting fully conditioned fish. Great job.


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Dec 8, 2018
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I can second Treasure Coast’s review. I purchased a Red Sea misbar regal angel from Tide Pool a few weeks ago. They were super helpful and prompt to respond to all my questions. This wasn’t a fish listed for sale at the time of my request, but they provided updates over the course of a few weeks until it was conditioned and ready for shipment. It arrived in great shape, acclimated wonderfully and was eating frozen Mysis and angelfish food by the next morning. It’s the centerpiece of my tank now and I would absolutely order from Tide pool again.

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