really tricky aquascape situation!


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Nov 2, 2019
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hello all,

im sure there are loads of rookies like myself asking for help on here and the pros get bored of it but my situation is a bit different.

i have a 75 gallon that has been up and running for a year. i live in bermuda and im unable to buy anything living for saltwater so have to harvest everything. i plan on adding some zoanthis and cool sponges & tunicates as hard and soft corals are off limits, and apparently zoas are not coral??

anyway i did not do things correctly because again, different doing things when u have to find everything in the wild.

so i hqve recently added some shelf rock that i bought from bulk reef supply in the hopes of building a cool aquascape for the future additions. i have attached some pictures. the picture with purple rock is what i would like to build. the others are what i have to work with. will i be qble to build it using only apoxy and brs super glue. whats the best way to accomplish without harming the ecosystem?
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Mar 12, 2019
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No pictures here either.

What do you mean by harming the ecosystem?

If you use reef safe apoxy then you can use as much as you need, just try and keep it to an minimum as too much doesn’t look good but it will get covered over so use as much to make sure it’s a safe structure.

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