Red Sea Max S-500 turnkey system


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Sep 28, 2021
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Los Angeles
Up for sale is a Red Sea Max S500 aquarium system. This is a complete turn-key system with everything as-is from Red Sea. I purchased this system with the intent of setting it up but found another tank that I fell in love with so I gotta sell this one. Brand new this is nearly a $6000 system.

The bad first, there is a chip in front right lower corner. The glass flaked off the front side only and there are no cracks that propagate to the wet side.
It's cosmetic only, guarantee it does not leak. Secondly, I lost one of the corner trim pieces. Personally I wasn't going to use the trim but can 3D print a replacement if the buyer wants it.

Low iron front and side panels, braced on top and bottom so tank is literally built like a tank. Chipped corner is reinforced with the factory bottom bracing so there are absolutely no structural issues.

Coast to coast overflow with 3X internal closed loop pumps + Wave master pro pump controller
Red Sea factory pearl white cabinet stand. This has a heavy duty internal aluminum frame and will not warp or sag over time. Built in leveling feet.
Factory power center with individual switches to control every piece of gear plugged into it.
Factory glass sump with clean beveled edges. Also includes a float valve for built in gravity fed fresh water ATO
C-skim 1800 Skimmer + brand-new impeller
Sicce RS7000 return pump
Factory manifold + plumbing for chiller if you choose to add later.
Eheim 250w heater
3x Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 HD with factory light bracket. Firmware already updated and lights work great. Can be controlled via Android/IOS App
Coral Life turbo twist 6X UV sterilizer.
4 stage RO/DI filter

Additional tank details here:

I've been running fresh water through it for a few weeks now with absolutely no issues or leaks.

Asking $2000/OBO

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