Red Sea Max S500


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Jul 23, 2020
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Hello, I just took the dive into the AIO tank world and so far it has been alright. I bought this tank second hand so there a few things that I had to correct before getting the tank going. I don't have pictures yet but I will be adding them as I go. Any and all advice is welcome as I still am fairly new in the saltwater world and very new with the AIO world.

anyways, I got this tank back in the beginning of october and got it into my house, there was some old residue still in the tank and the sump from the previous owner. I went through and got them both cleaned up and situated where I wanted the tank, I got the tank filled with water and checked over for any leaks or any concerns. I added in coral pro red sea salt, agralive bahamas fine sand and let the sand settle out before turning on the pumps. In the sump I put in a coralife protein skimmer, an aquatop 500W heater with its own controller (I have two 300W jager heaters coming with an inkbird controller to replace it), I put in a syncra 2.0 return pump in. The circulation pumps are the original ones that came with the tank. Also in the sump I did leave in the plumbing for the skimmer option and the chiller because I want to add a carbon reactor and maybe an algae scrubber but that won't be for a little while, currently i have a bag of carbon in the sump. The lighting in the T5 set up that came with the tank, I am currently looking at replacing the bulbs in it to start with fresh bulbs but I am looking at the ATI blue plus as the main bulbs but Im wondering if I could put in two of true actinic or two of the purple plus to really make the colors look good. I ordered 100 lbs of dry live rock and got the aquascape glued together before putting. I went with a more simplistic island set up with the rocks and will fill in as I go or as needed I guess. As of right now I leave the lights off and am letting the tank cycle, I do ghost feed to help with bacteria development. I do not have a set date of when i'm going to start adding livestock to this tank.

I'm sure I am leaving some stuff out right now but I will cover it as I go. Thank you for reading though and any help that you can offer is greatly appreciated.


No, it wasn’t expensive dear....
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Feb 21, 2017
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Nottinghamshire England
Get the pictures up when you can and if you need any help just ask

Ive got the S650 so the same just a bit bigger

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