Red Sea Reefer 350 complete setup. Huntington WV


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May 17, 2019
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Lost everything in an ice storm when backup failed. Getting out of the hobby. Trying to sale everything together for now.

Red Sea Reefer 350 Black

x2 Red sea LED90 reef lights

x2 MP40 quiet drive wave makers

x2 150W heaters

inkbird temp controller

octo varios 4 return pump

octo 150 sss skimmer

tunze 3155 auto top off

85lbs reef rock

Buckeye hydro RO/DI system with two 35 gallon storage vessels for water changes

Macro algae sump light

UV sterilizer light (mean green i think its called)

Cabinet LED lighting

all test kits needed for reefing including Hanna checker ULR phosphate tester

food, salt, filter material, charcoal and lots more

Over $6000.00 total invested. 2 years old in May(MP40s are around 1 year old). No leaks, no repairs. Up and running.

Huntington WV.


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