Reef Chasers 1st Anniversary 2 Day Live Sale

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Mar 12, 2021
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Chattanooga, Tennessee

R2R Live Sale Square.jpg

Join us July 9th and July 10th for our first official live sale on Reef2Reef! The sale starts Saturday July 9th at 12PM EST and runs until 10PM EST that evening. We're going to be back at it on Sunday July 10th starting at 12PM EST and running again all the way until 10PM! We have over a 1,000 corals, 500+ of which are unique WYSIWYG items that we will be posting directly to this thread! There will be at least 20 new items per hour so be sure to check in with us all day.

All orders are FINAL. There are no cancellations/refunds on livestock purchases during our live sale. There are no exchanges. Credits, Discounts and Gift Cards cannot be used during our live sale please do not attempt to do this as the sale will not be honored.

You may PM us questions regarding our live sale on Reef2Reef but please be patient. Include order #, email or other pertinent customer information to keep responsiveness fast.

Shipping will be at a flat rate of $29.99, no free shipping of any kind is offered during the live sale event. However, you may choose the shipping option 'LOCAL PICKUP' during checkout if you have already paid for shipping once on a previous order -- we will combine them and you will not be charged extra shipping fees. You are not required to purchase a shipping module in advance.

All Live Sale Items are First Come, First Serve. The first customer to complete checkout will receive the item. Having the item in your cart does NOT reserve the item.


In order to enter for your chance to win you must either place an order through our website during the sale or make a post in this thread every hour during our live sale event. Try to make it relevant to our sale, your reef tank or reefing in general rather then a 'check in' post. Talk about your favorite coral or one of the items you are excited about in the sale!

After the live event is over, if you feel that you made enough posts to qualify but did not complete any purchase than please PM us so that we may verify your entry for the give away.

Prize #1: $500.00 Reef Chasers Shopping Spree
Prize #2: Ecotech Vortech MP40QD
Prize #3: Maxspect XF350 Pump + Controller
Prize #4: $150 Reef Chasers Gift Card
Prize #5: XP Aqua RO/DI Flood Guardian


We will have random $5 frags available throughout the sale while supplies last. You must buy at least 1 regularly priced item for each $5 frag you purchase. We are limiting the $5.00 frags to 2 per customer so please do not order more than 2 as any overages will not be honored.

We're looking forward to our first ever Reef 2 Reef Live sale and we hope you will join us for the fun! See you soon~​
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