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Reef Equipment: Carbon Reactor, Powerheads, doser, ATO, and Return Pump.

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Jan 26, 2020
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Hey All,
I have the following equipment for sale. I can ship anywhere in the US ($15 shipping for any equipment). Local Pick up at 23116 (Richmond, VA)

1: Jeabo Return Pump 50 Watt: powered my 125-gallon reef tank and did an amazing job. ($50 Local Pick up) ($65 shipped)
2: BRS Carbon Reactor with Jeabo Pump DC: Both work amazing (3 months old) ($75 Local Pick Up) ($90 Shipped)
3: Jeabo Power Head OW-25 (3 months old) ($40 Local Pick Up) ($55 Shipped) I have two powerheads.
4: ATO : Aqua Top Smart lite ($50 local pick up) ($65 shipped)
5: Jeabo Doser: 4 channel ($40 Local Pick Up) ($55 Shipped)

I travel a lot on I95 from Virginia to PA I can drop it off as well for an extra cost. Any questions please feel free to Pm me.

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