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May 28, 2017
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Hey everyone I have a 75gpd RODI for sale. It has a brand new membrane with less than 40 gallons through it. (Source water is 43ppm). The filters are in good shape but I have brand new Sediment, Granulated carbon, and Carbon block filters to go with it. The DI has plenty of life left as well. I will take $75 for it.

I also have an acrylic sump. It is 24x30 perfect for a large cube tank. (was on a 175 Cube). It has bubble traps in it and it has a large hole drilled in it for an external return. I will include a bulkhead for the hole so you can use it or plug it. It also has a float valve installed. $75 cash.

I have a AI Vega color that has corrosion on the main board. It shorts out when powered up. I swapped the main board with my other Vega and everything worked fine. It has approximately 1.5 years of use and then it sat in a box! If you have any burnt out leds or just want a parts light this is it! $50 comes with light and power supply.

I have a Mag 18 thats brand new in the box. I bought it as a spare years ago. I opened it up to sell it and it is missing the impeller. Its brand new never been wet but has no Impeller. $50

I have a Home made Algae Turf Scrubber. All acrylic with screen. It will need lights or i can include the DIY lights I made but you will need a driver. The scrubber can handle 2 cube a day feedings. The lights are Phillips Deep Red, SemiLED deep Red, and SemiLEd RB. Ill do $50 without lights, $75 with lights.

I have a hang on back overflow. Really nice and heavy duty. Works great. Not sure of flow capabilities. $50

I have a coralife Super Skimmer 65. It works and has no issues. Will include custom stand. $40

I have two brand new 1 gallon bottle of Reef Fusion 2 part. Never opened. Still sealed. switched to Triton. $30

I will trade these for a EB4, calcium reactor, or Gyre, . I can include cash for the right reactor.

I will be at FFM on Saturday and I can bring this stuff with me.
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