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Reef Of The Day: The sea in my dreams! SPS 171 gallon.


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Jun 16, 2013
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Hello everyone! My name is Alexander. I live in Moscow. So decided to put my page on this forum, this is my second marine aquarium, there I plan to keep SPS corals.

Now the display has the following dimensions 123h78h60 with a remote mine! The display did studio marineaquariums. The configuration is selected based on the place of installation screen! Glass optivayt 15 mm. without ribs and ties! Overflow comb and drain Herbie.

Tumba metal frame. Carter classic three compartments - the skimmer and return-algae compartment built-in SPS still need to finish the light in it!

Water treatment: - OSMOSIS Atoll 520EM DI automatic water refilling a direct, control Profilux 2 through the valve Burkert. A container for water changes to 50l. Drain directly into the sewer.

Equipment;-Vertex Alfa Cone Skimmer 170 Royal Exlusive return pump Royal Exclusiv RD3 Speedy 75Watt 8000L to replenish calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, calcium-set reactor KORALLION C1501 Kalkvasser mixer Deltec 501. Refrigerator Teco TR 10.

Monitoring and control system - to monitor and set the actual management of Computer Profilux 2 with an additional module pH / RDX and the external display. Monitoring parameters pH display Calc reactor pH, temperature, RDX potential lunar phases. Management, adding water evaporated, the light in algae, ventilation, and the inclusion of demirovanie lamp T5 for 4 channels.

The course - Two pump Vortech mp40wES and two pump control tunze 6095 on the controller 7095. Battery emergency operation Vortech.

Light; - ATI 2x6 54w T5, computer-controlled Profilux 2.

Salt; - Reef Cristal.

Here in brief is all!


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Aug 11, 2012
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Vestavia Hills Alabama
Welcome Aleks, sounds like you've got some very nice equipment. Glad to have you on our forum. Look forward to some photos of your setup. Do you also have T5s on your first tank?
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