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ReefAngel Plus and other goodies for sale - Sold

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Oct 17, 2013
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I decided to move to another direction for my controller options and my trusted reefangel plus is for sale. Please check the notes for the conditions at the end.

ReefAngel Plus and Relay Box - $150
Wifi Attachment - $80
Bluetooth Attachment - $50
Expansion hub - $40
RF Module - $40
Multi-Water Level - $90

Everything Together $375 plus shipping. I don't want to break it up yet. but PM me in case I decide to break it up.
Location - Bay Area - California

* ReefAngel Plus - Everything seems to be working as you can see from the pictures. LCD is in great shape. I can not control the outlets. I lost my SVGA cable and I think the cable I found does not have all pins connected. Just the relay box and LCD worth the price, if the board is faulty the replacement is $100 on the reefangel.com. I will include a new PH Probe (not used but not very high quality) and temperature probes (At least 2). I don't have the USB cable to load the code, Bluetooth attachment works great.
* Wifi Attachment and Bluetooth attachment work great a a pair. You can upload codes wirelessly.
* Multi-Water Level expansion - this was the main reason I had the reefangel controller. I implemented a Roberto Flow (check the reefangel forum) until Jabeo pump gave up. After switching to another pump I used the expansion for 4 measurements, I was checking my ATO reservoir level, Sump at Return Pump, Sump at Skimmer and Return to Sump. It was just great. It will come with four 4" pvc pipes, you can cut them down or extend them using standard pvc pipes.

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Nutramar Foods

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