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Reefbrite 250w metal halide LED hybrid (4)

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$350 - $1200
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May 17, 2021
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Zionsville, IN
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Selling (4) Reefbrite MH/LED combo fixtures with RB 250w ballasts and (4) SE bulbs. Two are the twin-arc 14k bulbs and two are the 20k RB bulbs. I can't tell any difference with the naked eye as they are all on my 300g tank currently. All about 12 months old so bulbs will probably need replaced soon (if you go by the 12 month rule). Setup is about $700 each brand new but I realize halides don't demand a premium these days. I also have (2) 48" blue LED strip lights (Orphek knock offs) that I'll include if all four are purchased. I'll sell these for $350 each or $1200 for all four including the LED lights. These look awesome, having four of them going at once is more than my electrical circuit can handle. Having the basement wired to support all the equipment but am going to try out some SKY lights in the meantime. Greatly prefer local pickup but can ship at buyer's expense although it would be stupid expensive to ship all four lights/ballasts as shipping rates are crazy these days as I'm sure you've all seen. Let me know if any questions, still up and running so you can see them on my 300 gallon tank on the NW side of Indy. Tank shot shows blue LED lights on left side. Sorry, glass was a bit dirty. Thanks.



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