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Reefkeeping in the land "Down Under." A new podcast posted.


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Feb 27, 2013
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Many thanks to our friends Peter and Sue who own the store called "100% Reef Safe" in Australia. In this podcast we discuss some of the differences and difficulties hobbyists face in their country. We learn about restrictions on livestock, mandated QT procedures, using natural saltwater, and more.

You can find the "Live with Larry" podcasts on our website where you can click the links to play the audio directly or install the app to be notified of new uploads. http://reeffrenzyradio.com/podcasts/

Many of you were first introduced to my wife Veronica who is the food production manager at LRS in this behind-the-scenes video with Mark Callahan.

Well Veronica is actually staying with Peter and Sue for 9 days and she is getting an up close view of Australia.
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