Replacement ORP & pH probe inconsistencies

Discussion in 'Neptune Systems' started by thom_smith, Jan 2, 2019.

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    My old pH and ORP probes appeared to be reading fine but were two years or so old and approaching the end of their useful life. So I ordered replacements for each. pH replaced and calibrated, ORP replaced.

    Previously my pH peaked around 8.2 during the day and typically hovered around 8.1. New calibrated probe is peaking around 8.0 and settling at about 7.9 at night. On average, about 0.2 lower than previous calibrated probes and test kit. Re-calibrated and still reading low.

    ORP was previously reading 325 - 350. Not dosing ozone so I don't need to be terribly concerned as long as long as it remains relatively consistant. So I'm not alarmed yet, but my ORP is reading around 100. When the probe is removed and placed in my skimmate container, it decreases significantly. As expected.. But when placed back in my sump, it settles around 100 again. Still significantly lower than previous ORP probe.

    How long is the break in period? When do I expect accurate readings or become concerned with low readings? Should I wait a bit before attempting to recalibrate the pH probe? Don't think it is necessary, but Is there any benefit to ordering ORP calibration fluid from someplace like Atlas Scientific?

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