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Jun 9, 2021
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So this is where the madness starts. I have 125 gallon tank in the works and this 46 bowfront that has got the party started. The 46 will just house a few small fish and reside in my kids room(get the kids in on it and the wife won't say no). Short summary 46 bowfront tunze 9004dc tunze 3168 filter 3155 ato most likely a cpr hob fuge and just some current usa ic pro lights. Will have 40lbs of Marco and 30ish lbs of dry Fiji pink Sand. Stock list a pair of clowns, lawnmower blenny, and later a mandarin(once pods are well) few crabs and snails nothing big just enough for them to watch them while I finish my 125 build for my den. Painted back and up 5 inches on both sides of 46 I hate to see equipment and most blends well into black. Stand will be custom made I build furniture as a hobby and my dad built custom furniture and cabinets and casework till he retired and is now bored so jumps when I ask him for help. Wood is acclimating to temp before we build with it. I'm about done painting the back and sides of tank now I put 5 coats on back on the 3rd coat on sides. Will keep this build thread going and soon start my 125 gallons of paradise tank build thread soon.
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