Review of the NemProtect Maxspect Gyre XF350 Wavemaker/Anemone Guard


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May 10, 2018
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The following is my review of the XF350 anemone guards. If it matters to you, I got lucky and received the very first pair (prototype) for free and I am planning to purchase another pair from NemProtect.

Excuse me for my dirty Gyres :)

These guards are work of quality. I've previously bought another pair from eBay but this is superior in every way.

1. Fitment
It is a snug fit. In fact, it fits so well that NemProtect told me to first take off the end caps of the Gyre before installing the protectors.

2. Design
The Design is what makes this product great. These guards do make the Gyres look bigger but that's because NemProtect gave the suction side of it enough space to minimize flow restriction. After installing the guards, I've turned up my flow by ONLY 10% to compensate. I've been using these guards for more than a week and these guards do not trap detritus. My Gyre is still running strong after a week.

Another great feature is that the factory flow directors are also implemented into these guards. This means that algae are less likely to grow on the propellers and the Gyre can be positioned closer to the surface without sucking in air.

3. Customer Service
NemProtect is easy to talk to and has always keep me informed during the process.

Note: These guards are made with quality materials but please be gentle when you install them. Applying excessive force can break them.

You can visit their Facebook website:

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Peace River

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Apr 29, 2014
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Central Florida, USA
Thanks for sharing this info! Now that you have had the guards for a month can you give us an updated? Are you still using them? Have you had any issues? Has flow stayed consistent? Anything else that you have discovered?

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