San Diego Coral Farmers Market event occurs on November 21st 2021.

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Oct 12, 2015
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The Coral Farmers Market company and the Reef Raft USA company are taking our San Diego Coral Farmers Market event biannual. Our second biannual San Diego Coral Farmers Market event occurs on November 21st 2021. This coral show event will be open to the public between 11 am to 5 pm. Please note we have moved this event into a new venue. The location is a new hotel ballroom in the city of El Cajon. It is about 5 minutes west of our previous La Mesa venue and 15 minutes west of the Double Tree venue in Hotel Circle. Parking is now free for attendees. There will be a few thousand captive grown and cultured coral fragments displayed. From beginner corals to advanced and collector corals. This event is being organized by Steve Tyree of the CFM and Tony Huyanh of Reef Raft USA. CFM Coral Show events promote captive grown and aquacultured organisms. Please note - We are signing up vendors now. Email [email protected]

Tickets are now available for online purchase. They are just $5 each with children 12 and under free. Tickets will also be available at the door for purchase, but the price will be $15 each. First 100 tickets bought online get one free door prize each ticket. All tickets bought online will be held at the front desk the day of the event. Online ticket sales will stop a couple days before the event.

Courtyard San Diego El Cajon by Marriott Bonvoy
141 North Magnolia Avenue
El Cajon, CA. 92020

Vendor Hall Open to Public Sunday November 21st 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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