Saying GOODBYE to micro-cones... Hello Micro-PLUGS!

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Dec 25, 2013
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Hey there reefers!

I just wanted to share a new product that we've been using. After many years of wishing, someone finally made standard frag plugs to replace the micro-cones. I was fortunate to be introduced to Tyson Patton, owner of The Magical Reef, at Reefapalooza Orlanda and was shown these frag plugs that he started making. They fit into every slot just like a micro-cone does but with the amazing benefit of being stemmed. It's completely game changing for fraggers!

They fit in every slot, just like Micro-Cones (very last row).
Fragging is now a breeze for us since snapping off a stem is far easier than having to break apart the cones. But more importantly, these frag plugs make it easier for you guys to glue your corals in your display! I personally dislike the look of frag plugs in my tank and micro-cones have always been the worst to deal with. With these plugs, you can snap off the stem with a bone cutter or wire cutter and glue the top plug onto your rock! You can also use these with custom acrylic frag holders that rely on stem plugs or those ceramic coral domes. It's something so simple that took years to come out.

New plugs are in, time to frag!
For those looking to skip the white plugs, he's also working on making some black tops. We only got a small sample of them to try out but they seem really nice. I like how only the tops are black since you don't see the stems anyways.

Sleek black tops for those who want to skip the bright white plugs.

They're still a new product and he's looking for feedback on them. He's graciously offered to give out samples to you guys. With every order, we'll include a sample of these micro-plugs until supplies last. We ourselves don't sell these plugs, so if you'd like some contact him directly (information seen in photo below).

Let us know what you guys think about these plugs! My personal review would be that they should be a more consistent with their stem lengths along with the diameter of the frag plugs. Other than that, they're perfect. I think they're going to revolutionize a lot of frag tanks, especially those who frag zoas and need the micro-cones to save space. We in no way get anything from sharing this product, this is all just a personal review.

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