Selling all corals, getting out of the hobby. (Jawbreakers, electus, Og bounce, many more)


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May 27, 2020
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Deiciding to sell them individually, but trying to sell locally. I have never shipped any corals before, so i cant guarantee anything. If you want to buy severals corals i can do a much better price.

Aprox 20 flaming Clove polyps

1 bleeding apple scoly $200
1 croc island scoly $180
$350 for both scolys

1 3" og bounce mushroom $1800

4 St thomas shrooms (red and orange) $400all

2 gorgonians $30

1 coco worm $30

Rock with:
2 neptune bounce shroom
1 interstellar shroom
4 jawbreaker shrooms
1 other shroom dont remeber the name
4 frags of zoas (bobmarley, joshs nightmare, funnys d, and psycosis, i believe are the names)
$750 for all on rock

1 electus red, orange green shroom$300

Few Zoas some high end (cant remeber the names)

Few blastos $450 for all

1 glitter goni $100

1 about 2" magic carpet mushroom $250

1 4" angel fire mushroom $180
I’d take everything for the original price if you ship to MA
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