Selling all dry goods including Apex (Updated with sold items removed)

Best reef aquarium LED lighting
Best reef aquarium LED lighting


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Jun 18, 2016
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I am getting out of the hobby and have a bunch of items that all are in good condition. There is a lot of stuff so I am planning to visit post office once a week each Friday to ship everything that sold at the same time so I don't have to make 40 separate trips. I live in Tampa so if anyone is interested in local pick up let me know and I can place out front of my door for you to pick up. Below is a list of all I have ready for sale and the prices I am asking. I have pictures of each item. So, if you are interested I can PM you a picture of any item.
If you have additional questions let me know:
Tank Inventory:Price:
Trident (used)$ 500.00
2x Ecotech Radion Gen 2 (one has diffuser)$75 ea.
Osmolator Nano 3152 (1 new, 1 used)$75 (new) $40 (used)
HW Reefer Salt 20kg (unopened)$60 (rather local to reduce shipping costs)
Neotherm Heater 75w x2$35 ea.
Sicce Syncra Silent 1.5 x 2$35 ea.
2x 2month supplies of Trident reagent, 2 extra reagent A's,$30 ea.
Triton Test x5$30 ea.
BRS Co2 absorbent media 1.2lbs (3 unopened)$3 ea.
Apex optical float switch x 2$20 ea
2x APEX DOS$175 ea.
Ecotech Hanging Kit x2$15 ea.
IM 211g pump x2$15 ea.
Handheld TDS meter (2 both batteries dead)$13 ea.
2x Ecotech MP40$125 ea.
2016 Apex Controler w/EB832, only temp probe and aqubus$ 450.00
BRS 6 Stage 150GPD RO/DI system$ 180.00
EB832$ 150.00
Ecotech Battery backup$ 120.00
Dryside of ecotech MP 10 quiet drive$ 100.00
Classic Apex w/ energy bar and only temp probe$ 100.00
Reef Octopus Skimmer Classic 150INT$ 100.00
Apex DDR Dual Reservoir$ 100.00
ATK auto top off$ 70.00
Mag 12 pump$ 60.00
Ecotech Reef Link$ 50.00
JBJ Auto$ 50.00
Apex PM1 module$ 40.00
BRS Bulk GFO (4lbs)$ 40.00
TURBELLE NANOSTREAM 6045 (1175 GPH)$ 40.00
BRS ROX 0.8 (1g)$ 35.00
Hanna Phosphate Checker$ 30.00
RODI Filters: Sediment, 1micron, 1 micron, DI resin, DI resin$ 30.00
Apex Auto Feeder (power supply missing)$ 30.00
Ecotech RMS mounting system$ 30.00
Magfloat with extra felt/pad replacement$ 30.00
Hanna ULR Phosphate Checker$ 30.00
PMUP (New)$ 25.00
Caribsea 10lb Fiji Pink (unopened)$ 20.00
BRS Refractometer w/ calibration fluid$ 20.00
BRS Frag kit with unopened frag glue$ 20.00
PMUP$ 20.00
Apex Breakout box$ 20.00
Apex magnetic probe holder$ 20.00
Apex solid surface leak detector$ 15.00
Aquaclear 20 filter$ 15.00
Julian Sprung Feeder Thing with 3 extra tips$ 15.00
Coral RX (exp 09/2020)$ 10.00
Marine Coral Photo Filter$ 10.00
Marine Pure Gems 90g$ 10.00
Tunze nano magnet$ 10.00
Ocen top view thing$ 10.00
Hikari Marine S (unopened 50g)$ 5.00
Ocean Wonders ceramic frag plugs (10 plugs)$ 3.00
Ocean Wonders ceramic tiles (17 tiles)$ 3.00
Seachem Ammonia Alert$ 2.00
I’ll take the a hanging kit if still available


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Sep 24, 2017
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Apex optical floats pic, is it standard BRS frag kit, and if not sold DDR,AFS Auto feeder and breakout box.


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Jan 9, 2011
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Going to call it a night. I'll pick back up tomorrow. Some items on the most updated list have interest so I expect to update this list tomorrow AM. Again, to all those who have paypal me already. I will be shipping on Wednesday and I'll be updating everyone individually with tracking info.

Have a good night
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