Selling JBJ 45 gal rimless AIO with extras


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Feb 9, 2018
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Just upgraded my tank so I am selling my 45 gal JBJ rimless AIO. It's been a great tank. I purchased it brand new several years ago from Living Reef in Orlando. I still have all the stock equipment including 2 pumps, 2 return nozzles, and 2 media baskets. It comes with the matching black JBJ cabinet. I am also including a leveling mat, 2 tops (1 red Sea and the other is a brand new JBJ glass top), 2 filter socks, 1 magna float glass cleaner, and a intank floss holder. Everything has been cleaned and ready to go.

I am asking $650.
Buyer would have to pickup in Dundee, FL ( near Winter Haven, FL).
PM me with any questions.

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