Sixty’s understanding of nutrients 2.0


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Feb 6, 2021
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Jamison, Pennsylvania
So my hanna reads 0.03
My Triton reads 0.25
So they suggest I use GFO to bring po4 way down.
If my hanna is already pretty much at zero how can I measure the huge difference Triton are asking if I can't measure it?
That was my query really I guess I can only tell by icp which kinda makes my home test kits useless
I have Hanna’s newest phosphate tester and bought the wrong reagents. Got my ICP back and it was .2 also. Realized then that there are numerous Hanna po4 testers and I screwed up and bought the wrong ones. Hanna was also telling me .02 or .03. Bought the correct ones and Hanna tester now read off the charts. Not saying you did also but shows I screwed up because I didn’t have 2 minutes to go look at my tester to get the correct product code.

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