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Sep 16, 2016
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-I’ve got a Reef Octopus Regal 150-INT Varios Skimmer
About 1.5 years old Mint condition runs awesome! LOVED this skimmer I’m upgrading system size and upgraded skimmers to match.
I’m asking 400 OBO

—I also have an AETech ETSS Reef Devil skimmer W/O pump.
Skimmer is in good shape, no cracks or damage needs bio-balls for the tower.
Im Asking 250 OBO

79965D43-A648-4B24-9F1B-ECA67B04BE64.jpeg E811F2B7-366A-4808-BB0C-936294549DA2.jpeg 32A25674-D98A-43A2-AAF7-450BFBA1E060.jpeg 99FD23B6-8093-4836-8E58-122ADADEC5E8.jpeg 987E1DA5-7091-4880-AEBE-9CB5441EC8D9.jpeg AD6A2738-CC55-45F2-8C23-D5529A9C4C79.jpeg 2F42BE67-52B1-4E10-BA91-9B0961D8D2AE.jpeg 34511090-9D49-4550-8F9D-7FA89F397122.jpeg 32F04DF4-176F-46A1-8F74-90DA5D999816.jpeg E7544A90-2007-4B71-9A84-BEF63101F2B1.jpeg 5C2F539E-EA8D-40ED-91E8-AE13AAF515D6.jpeg BB7E9EA7-97EF-47D0-A2FE-1473ACE04189.jpeg

How often do you clean your filter socks?

  • Every few days

    Votes: 226 26.6%
  • Every weekend

    Votes: 137 16.1%
  • Every other week

    Votes: 68 8.0%
  • Every month

    Votes: 36 4.2%
  • When they look dirty

    Votes: 68 8.0%
  • I don't ever clean them

    Votes: 8 0.9%
  • I don't use filter socks

    Votes: 277 32.5%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 31 3.6%

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