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Jul 25, 2020
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I started in saltwater about 3 years ago. was told to take it slow don't get impatiens. so first thing i did was go to the local fish store an bought me some rock. i could not decide, bould style rocks, flat plate like rocks or stem/stick rocks. so i bought a bunch of all. got home and looked at my 90 gallon deep tank and said hell rule of thirds i can make 3 different style of aquascape ( 3 islands) i have my plate island, a stick island and a boulder island. it cycled and then i started my first saltwater tank. as i was told to go slow i let my tank be a FOWLR tank for 3 years getting over the laziness that some hobbyist go through. before stepping into Reefs/coral. i learned so much doing FOWLR that i think its time to start into a reef. i made my first purchase about a week ago it was a Mushroom Leather,then i thought 3 islands and 3 category of coral, softies, lps, and sps. so each island will support a different category of coral. took me days to get flow right for each island. so i took a tooth pick and glued a piece of plastic on to it to make a water flow indicator. shows the flag blowing in many differnt wats strong, light and even in like a whirlwind style. what im getting to is for beginners, take it slow. took me 3 years to get to the point that i feel like i am ready to do reef, sorry no pics, early morning right now and lights are off. will try later on today to post some

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