Small reef in Kazakhstan(90х60х40) 216 liters


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May 2, 2018
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Hello! My name is Alexander, I'm from Kazakhstan.
Decided to get the theme of his aquarium.
I apologize if anything is not clear, as I'm writing through an interpreter.


90х60х40 (the size in centimeters) from the clarified glass. Overflow shaft, in it return, draining and emergency.


ATI Sunpower 8x24 Tues., Converted into a hybrid. Lamps: 5 pcs ATI Blue plus, 1 pc. Coral plus. The light day is 14 hours. T5 lamps work for 9 hours.


Jebao SW-8 in alternating flow mode, Jebao RW-8 (AQLink S1 WiFi) in reef mode, Jebao WiFi Cross Flow Pump CP-25 at the bottom on the back wall, blow the bottom and stones. Well, return.


56x40x40 from two compartments.

In the return compartment is the pump Jebao DCS 5000.

In the main compartment: calcium reactor Bubble Magus CR100WP (coral crumb KZ and slightly magnesium, about 5%), Etatron 2/2 l / h, skimmer Coral Box D500. The air is taken to the street through a pipe 15 mm in diameter.

Refrigerator Teco TR10, the temperature is 26-27 degrees.

As a backup power source is the inverter Energy PN-500N 12V and to it a helium battery at 60A / h.

Gas cylinder with CO2 per 1 liter.

Above the samp in the curbstone is installed a capacity for an autolift of 40 liters, autodoling through a float.

Water treatment:

Osmosis and resin. The initial water is 700-750 ppm, at the outlet from the membrane 9-12, after the resin 0.

The salt of FM.

The reef is mixed.

10 days ago the aquarium looked like this:

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