Small tank failure leading to a good thing?


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Jan 25, 2020
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hello so i have had this tank for about 4 months now technically almost two years as i basically took everything from a tank i have had for a while and moved it to a bigger one but anyways i have struggled with cyano for about a year now and a couple days ago it was at its peak of "take over" in my tank and just recently i have noticed that everything has gotten more vibrant colors algae wise and i have even gotten a new color of algae where i would describe it as a gold in real life and i have also noticed the algae has been growing differently as in it has now been growing in colony's instead of sheets kind of like how cyano grows i have even noticed the corraline algae on a snail shell has regained its original color and texure really quicky surprisingly over the couple of days and i i have some suspicions that it is because i have introduced a more wider variety of bacteria into my tank and stuff like that because in the past i have dipped everything i got except for fish but i dipped crustaceans and inverts and i have always have had no luck whatsoever in keeping anything like snails and corals so i think that if those animals were carrying any bacteria and other organisms on it and i dipped it it just killed all of them even algae that is not an encrusting algae and i have dosed bacteria wise a bottle of corraline algae with nitrifying bacteria and such nothing else and when i was introducing these guys into a tank i did not dip them even my coral just because i really did not care and i had nothing in my display tank except for the coral and snails that i got i did have a pair of clownfishes and two hermit crabs thats all and i thought buy introducing it this way i would introduce some potentially cool stuff into my tank and i did that and then all of that died and i am lucky i did not get my hopes up but now i think i did a good thing for my tank hopefully here is some before and after pics as well as things i have noticed



Now that i have gotten a good before after there has been more cyano growth but i feel it has thinned out however and there is a definite change in color in the algae

IMG_1484[1].JPG IMG_1494[1].JPG IMG_1495[1].JPG IMG_1496[1].JPG IMG_1497[1].JPG IMG_1498[1].JPG IMG_1499[1].JPG

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