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So. Cal, Lake Forest, Dragon soul, green indo torches, hammer and more



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May 14, 2018
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Tearing down tank. Awesome multi head torches and hammer. Lots of easy sps to take frags off of. Cheap prices. Please don't waste our time asking "how much", "how much" for every little thing. Best to show up with cash and start pointing to what you want.. most chunky frags wii be $10. You will get a smoking deal.

Txt me to arrange time. 9four9-four39-five4seven8

Located in Lake Forest, CA 92630

Open to reasonable offers on the torches and hammer.

Dragon soul torch - 5-6 heads $750
Green indo torch 8-9 heads.. $800
Green ausie hammer 2 large heads $160
PC rainbow acros (pale) $40

Frags of items below approx $10 each.
Bi-color candy cane colony
Grafted setosa
Miami orchid staghorn
Myagi tort
Rainbow cyphastrea
Kelly green psammacora
Green goblin anacropora. Huge colony
Branching green star polyps
Neon green monti cap
Bubble gum digitata
Blue stylophora
Purple stylophora
Tubbs Stelatta montipora
Bunch of other encrusting corals and zoas that may need to go with the live rock.

Sailfin tang ~5"
Fancy Clown Pair



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