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SOLD Dragon Ballz Bounce Shroom - SHIPPING AVAILABLE

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YES shipping is available

Katherine Corals

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Sep 4, 2021
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Northern IL
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Selling Terms Of Service
  1. YES I have read the terms and agree to them
**YES I have read the terms and agree to them**

I have Dragon Ballz Bounce shrooms available to new homes. Please see the corresponding shrooms in relation to the picture order:
1. WYSIWYG $450 - shipping included in price - SOLD
2. WYSIWYG $700 + two babies - shipping included in price - SOLD
3. WYSIWYG $350 each shroom. - shipping included in price - circle the shroom of your choice! -SOLD

- If for any reason your corals arrive with issues, please take a picture of the coral while inside the transport container within 3 hours of delivery and we can work out a replacement or refund.
- DOA due to shipping delays greater than 12hours by UPS, will not be covered. However, with that being said, I'm easy to work with! I will follow your tracking number along with you and we will remain in contact. Most all of my corals are able to survive in transit up to 48 hours.
- I ship on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday to maximize the survival rate of your purchase. (If you prefer a different day, communicate that with me)
- For referrals and reviews of my corals, I encourage you to visit my FB and IG pages.

1. signal-2023-01-27-10-45-36-350.jpg 450$
2. signal-2023-01-27-10-52-06-250.jpg 700$ + two babies not in picture
3. signal-2023-01-27-10-49-10-258.jpg SOLD
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