Sorry No WYSIWYG This Week. The Shops Been Hopin'!

Discussion in 'Aquatic Creations' started by Myk, Dec 30, 2017.

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    My apologies. I was not able to get out a WYSIWYG or an email out this week. The shop has been SUPER busy and my service techs and I have been out late on aquarium services and deliveries.

    For the last business day of the year if you are in the area stop by tomorrow and pick any frag from the $5.00 frag rack and get it for just $1.00! Was gonna go free on that, but we want something to go to the coral reef restoration donations. So the whole dollar will go towards this weeks donation to round out the year!

    Just a little teaser for next week. The WYSIWYG will feature corals from Justin Credabel's Coral Lab as will the $5.00 frag rack. As always 10% of our coral sales goes to coral reef restoration programs, so let's start 2018 out great!

    BTW, we are new here on R2R, so if you are stopping by the store for the first time first off please excuse the mess and second please introduce yourself and mention that you found us on R2R and we will hook you up with a discount for your first visit. :)
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