SPS Packs (Good size frags)


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Aug 20, 2017
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Sps packs up for grabs.

DOA- I must receive clear video of dead coral in the original bag/container unopened within 1hr of arrival. In case of DOA I will issue 100% credit minus shipping cost or replace the coral. DOA is voided when you refuse delivery or when you do not open the package within 1hr of delivery. DOA will also be voided if you have poor water quality. If a coral dies during transit even if it is delayed I will replace it if possible or offer refund. On top of that, If a shipment is delayed I will add a 24hrs DOA so if the coral(s) dies within 24hrs of getting delivered I will replace it or offer refund.

Shipping will cost around $35-$60, will depend on your location.

Packs are $285 shipped each.
All frags no names. Both packs will come with 5 frags. One photo has no tenius but it come with one similar size.

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