STICKY: How to ask what you need for going LED with your tank.

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    LED My TANK! ReefLEDLights | LED Aquarium Lighting ReefLEDLights | LED Aquarium Lighting
    Has a good amount of information on it.

    Here you can see previous inquries,

    if you cant find your answer in there make a new thread in this forum with the following information, copy and paste the questions below.

    (Thread Title) - Size of your tank and primary inhabitants

    (Body of thread);

    Tank Dimensions (in inches) -

    Height of fixture from the water -

    Primary inhabitants (SPS, LPS, SOFTIE, FOWLR, ETC) -

    Current lighting setup

    Desired Kelvin color balance (18k, 14k, 20k etc)

    Dimmable or non dimmable

    Do you have a controller? (reefkeeper, APEX)


    Or hit the quote button. Answer the questions and then we can help you.
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