Stourysreef - Reefapalooza NY - Saturday & Sunday

Rachid Stoury

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Jun 11, 2017
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What's up guys, so I'm planning on going to ReefaPolooza Saturday morning/afternoon and Sunday afternoon/evening. I have several really nice show pieces that I can bring with me listed below or bring you a 10 frag pack for $250 ($25 frags) I pick out. I will continue to update the list, provide more pics and videos in the near future but I have some really nice stuff I look forward to making available.

Any questions text me (302) 438-2577

  • Double Head (only 1 is available) Holy Grail banana Torch $1850 first in the video below
  • 12 inch Brian coral - $390
  • 4.5 inch Wilsoni the one on the right below - $450
  • Double head Gold Torch - $375
  • 10 Frag Pack - $250 will include various aqua-cultured Acros, millis, stags, torts from my tank etc.

Banana Coral


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