Sump with Fleece Roller and Algae Scrubber?

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Oct 22, 2009
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Albany, CA
I'm planning a 100g - 130g tank and looking around for sumps. I may just do a custom one, but there's probably something that I could use off the shelf. 30" long would be preferable I guess.

Here's my "sump" equipment:
1. Fleece roller
2. Algae scrubber
3. NYOS Quantum 220 skimmer
4. 2x 150watt Jager heaters
5. VarioS-4 return pump
6. VarioS-4 accessory pump + manifold
7. Dosing (3 tubes)

Here are some options I found:
1. Trigger Systems Platinum 26 (fleece roller built in, no algae scrubber support)
2. Turbo Aquatics (both fleece + algae scrubber support, but reportedly bad quality control)
3. Octo Reef Sump 30A (Klir compatable, will match my Reef Octopus pumps hah)

I don't want a refugium (I'll be using an algae scrubber), and don't need an top-off reservoir (I have a separate one).

Any other suggestions/recommendations?
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