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Jul 23, 2020
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I guess I'm due to update/create a new build thread for our 75 gallon reef. As some of you know my original 90 gallon reef sprung a leak one night just before bed. We were exhausted from that evening's work at our Haunted Halloween Trail. Over 600 people attended that night!

If not, briefly, my fiance' (over 20 years together - commonly referred to as the wife) was heading to bed and noticed bubbles in the tank on the way by the tank. I quickly noticed there was water dripping down the door opening. Instant panic ensued and the expedited tear down began.

Fortunately I had a 45 gallon tote I purchased to make water when I first set up the tank. All the rock and livestock were transferred and the tank drained and removed. We were also VERY fortunate to notice it so quickly, before the hardwood floors got completely flooded. A few towels took care of the water and luckily no permanent damage to the floor or to the stand or any equipment! So lucky!! They stayed in that tote for about 3 weeks and some of the livestock wasn't as lucky, but most survived at some level.

I couldn't find another 90 gallon without having to order one and wait so I got a 75 that has the same dimensions except for being a few inches shorter (21 1/2" vs 25 1/2"). I could live with that. The 2 foot+ height was rough on the armpits anyways. lol Some time in the future I want to go up to a 6 foot 180 or so, so it'll be fine until that day comes. (could be a while! lol)

I didn't take any pics of the process but it was drilled for an overflow and returns then the back painted. I really didn't like the black background so I went with Sky Blue this time. Here's a FTS of the new tank. I'll go through it all in later posts and try to post more pics & info this time. :)


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