Tampa Bay Saltwater Real Live Rubble Rock

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Gulf of Mexico Living Rock Farmers
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Apr 6, 2021
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Sustainable Aquaculture in Florida
TBS real Live Rock provides natural biofiltration via the diverse lifeforms found in and on it.
Ocean harvested Live Rock provides a natural environment for fish and inverts.
We recommend 2lbs of Live Rock per gallon located anywhere in the system.
Display. Sump. Refugium. Filter Chamber.



Benefits- naturally improve aquarium health by diversifying the microorganisms within your system with fresh Gulf of Mexico Rubble Rock.
  • excellent for new tank cycling
  • excellent for established tank seeding
Alive- often sold out means you get super fresh rubble rock when it's in stock.
Appearance- porous, rough, smooth.
  • an array of shapes
  • from 2" to 4"
  • vintage TBS natural Bahamian coral stone, Philippian stone, Florida quarried
  • may have macro algae, tube worms, coralline, barnacles, bivalves
Harvesting- we are picky, picky, picky about rubble.
  • from the 30-year-old Tampa Bay Saltwater lease site in the Gulf of Mexico off Tarpon Springs, Florida
  • high currents bring fresh nutrients to this life filled location
  • harvested under the eyes of hungry fish
  • hand harvesting rubble is tedious work, but the benefits it provides hobbyists are unmatched
Shipping- kept submerged from the ocean floor to your door.
  • UPS next day Treasure Chests
  • Air Cargo for 20lbs and up
  • its fast and fresh from Florida
Care- it's alive, you can keep it that way!
  • provide all aspects needed to maintain good water quality
  • provide flow, it originates from a high flow area
  • occasionally blow the rubble off with a turkey baster or pump to keep it debris free
Placement- the possibilities are numerous!
  • sump chamber
  • refugium
  • overflow chamber
  • canister filter
  • jar or pico tank