Tampa Bay Saltwater Real Live Sand

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Gulf of Mexico Living Rock Farmers
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Apr 6, 2021
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Hand Harvested Live Sand
from the TBS aquaculture site located in the Gulf of Mexico


Hiya Folks, let's talk Real Live Sand from Tampa Bay Saltwater.

Benefits- naturally improve aquarium health by diversifying the microorganisms within your system with fresh Gulf of Mexico sand.
  • excellent for new tank cycling
  • excellent for established tank seeding
  • create a natural environment which decreases stress for your reef inhabitants: jawfish burrows, sleeping wrasses, scuttling crabs and grazing tangs
Alive- can't get more live Live Sand that ours.
  • micro critters from stars to snails to worms
  • beneficial bacteria
  • will not live in a bag on a store shelf
  • requires life support provided by a functioning aquarium upon arrival
Appearance- imagine walking the beaches on the west coast of Florida.
  • an array of colorful tiny broken shells and coral fragments
  • will not blow around with heavy flow
  • coarse sand with random pieces of shell or coral skeletons
Harvesting- we are picky, picky, picky about sand quality.
  • from the 30-year-old Tampa Bay Saltwater lease site in the Gulf of Mexico
  • high currents and tides keep churning out this fresh and clean natural product
  • hand harvested literally amongst the flounders
  • harvesting sand under the sea is no fun, but the benefits live sand provides hobbyists are unmatched
Shipping- kept submerged from the ocean floor to your door.
  • UPS next day for 30lbs and under
  • Air Cargo for 20lbs and up
  • its fast and fresh from Florida
Care- it's alive, you can keep it that way!
  • provide all the aspects needed to maintain good water quality
  • clean-up crews sifting, scuttling, burrowing and picking are a win
  • provide flow because it originates from a high flow area
  • wise aquascape concepts like island building and openings through the bottom of your scape allow for water flow
  • vacuum small sections as needed according to your system's debris pattern
* Order live TBS sand Here

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Oct 17, 2018
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Fantastic! Thank you for doing this @LiverockRocks

As we begin to "recover" from our recent obsession with ultra-sterile systems and the current need to take advantage of dry & artificial rock, we need all that we can get our hands on that actually comes from the ocean.

I'm thankful for TBS for putting in the work to make this available!


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Sep 27, 2021
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Orange County, CA
The gulf live sand is great. I made a 10g tank with just TBS premium nano rock and TBS gulf live sand. The sand had plenty of life in it along with the microbiome you want and need (presumably--I didn't do any metagenomics). Lots of lancelets (bit weird, but they are harmless and can't survive in aquaria). Some other worms, peanut, bristle-types and the like. I gave the sand a good sift while keeping it wet before moving to the tank to remove anything I didn't want. Worked fine

On top of that, I took my extra sand and added it to my Evo that was set up with CaribSea LifeRock (dry) and CaribSea LiveSand. There was GHA growing over absolutely everything. Took out the top layer of GHA covered sand (~1/3rd) and added in the same amount of TBS live sand. Fast forward a few months and I have a much healthier sand bed. I also swapped out some of the LifeRocks with TBS rocks, and the rockwork is so much better, too, but that's for a different thread.

I think the gulf sand really helps build a healthy system and is pretty easy to sift through for unwanted critters.

How close to perfect, for you, is your reef aquarium?


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  • It's getting close

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  • It's slow but progressing

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  • Other (please explain)

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